Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recent Biking Adventures

Been on the bikes a pretty good amount lately. Trying to keep in shape for ski season. Did the Drops to Hops road bike race a couple of weekends ago. Here's some pics of that . . .

Getting ready before the start:

And just before the race:

Rode behind Ace at the beginning (until she pulled away):

I was riding pretty hard, but not hard enough so I couldn't take pictures:

Eventually, I caught back up to Ace, and we crossed the finish line at the same time. Pics here.

Then, I tried to make a run at Skiing on Columbus Day. It didn't work out so well, so it turned into a mountain bike adventure. Going into Vermont:

Brought Skis and Bikes, just in case:

Stopped for beer. Mmmm . . . Alchemist . . .

Enough Snow?

We decided no, and just did some Mountain Biking:

We got to do the sweet Kimmer's downhill, which was awesome. And here's a pic on the way home: