Monday, November 23, 2015

PSIA National Team Tryout Video

I mentioned a little while ago that my next skiing goal was to make the PSIA National Telemark Team. They have tryouts every 4 years, and the next tryout is in . . . 2016. So I'm submitting an application to tryout. As part of the application, they want a video that explains my background, my vision for the organization, and what I would bring to the team. If you're interested in my skiing life, I think I managed to explain it pretty well:

PSIA Telemark National Team Application Video from Matt Charles on Vimeo.

Now, just submitting the application doesn't mean that I'll get a chance to try out. There are only 9 tryout spots for the whole country. And there are 3 people already on the team who might be trying out again. And there are a lot of great tele skiers all over the country that will be submitting applications, too. So there is no guarantee that I'll be invited to try out in Breckenridge this April. I'm hoping the video above will help lay the groundwork.

Also, good news for the blog: PSIA wants candidates that are able to ski and teach, but they also want candidates that are well versed in social networking, writing, and visual media. So, in order to show that I can (still) do those things, the blog will probably have a lot of action this winter. There will be more Trip Reports, more pictures, and maybe even a couple of instruction articles, So if you like telemark skiing, backcountry touring, and pictures & videos of eastern skiing, stick around.