Monday, November 23, 2015

PSIA National Team Tryout Video

I mentioned a little while ago that my next skiing goal was to make the PSIA National Telemark Team. They have tryouts every 4 years, and the next tryout is in . . . 2016. So I'm submitting an application to tryout. As part of the application, they want a video that explains my background, my vision for the organization, and what I would bring to the team. If you're interested in my skiing life, I think I managed to explain it pretty well:

PSIA Telemark National Team Application Video from Matt Charles on Vimeo.

Now, just submitting the application doesn't mean that I'll get a chance to try out. There are only 9 tryout spots for the whole country. And there are 3 people already on the team who might be trying out again. And there are a lot of great tele skiers all over the country that will be submitting applications, too. So there is no guarantee that I'll be invited to try out in Breckenridge this April. I'm hoping the video above will help lay the groundwork.

Also, good news for the blog: PSIA wants candidates that are able to ski and teach, but they also want candidates that are well versed in social networking, writing, and visual media. So, in order to show that I can (still) do those things, the blog will probably have a lot of action this winter. There will be more Trip Reports, more pictures, and maybe even a couple of instruction articles, So if you like telemark skiing, backcountry touring, and pictures & videos of eastern skiing, stick around.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Article About Tele Skiing and Blog Stuff

It's been over one year since I've posted anything on this blog, which probably means that it's dying a slow death in the way many blogs do. I have been up to some stuff, which you can follow on my twitter, my Instagram, and my Facebook. I just don't really like posting Trip Reports of places that I've been to before (never did) and I never seem to find the time to write posts about new places I visit.

Also, I like my posts about life the most, but I don't know if I feel the need to hash things out on the internet the way I used to. Now that I have somewhat of a plan (involving a little of this kind of thing, mixed with a little bit of this, and a little bit of this - obviously not on the same timeline and as aggressive as those people, but using the same maths), I feel like I just need to put in the time and everything will turn out fine in the end. So I'm not really stressed or worried about much. Maybe I am  already rich. Actually, I've been enjoying the Miller High Life commercials that pretty much make that argument:

It's something I've been wondering about. We need a feeling of scarcity to be driven to accomplish things. We need to want things (achievements, money, accolades). As Ben Franklin said:

Who is Rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody.

But if we don't want too many more things? What if I am actually pretty content with what I've got and where I am in life?

Luckily, life has a way of throwing up obstacles just as the road starts to smooth out. So even if I get momentary periods of calm and happiness, something will come up soon. My car is being held together by zip ties and prayers, so I might have to worry about that soon. And winter is coming, which means I'll have a busy winter of going skiing and teaching skiing.

And speaking of teaching skiing, I wrote another article for the PSIA Eastern division newsletter. It's in the Summer 2015 issue at this link and it's on page 18 if you're interested in reading about the advantages of a powerful stance in telemark skiing.

I'm at a crossroads with the blog. I'll probably keep it around to write periodic thoughts, but I'd also like to branch out with my writing, photography, and video stuff. Not sure what direction I'll take it or if I'll develop a new blog with a different focus (and maybe an actual dot com domain name). I might try to develop a telemark instructional website, which seems to be an underserved niche on the internet, or maybe try building a frugal ski bum blog that I can monetize and use as a "retirement" job in 10 years or so.

Whatever happens, I'm going to keep moving forward and take whatever opportunities I get. Life's too short to not do the things you want to do.