Thursday, December 20, 2012

Instagram dump

In our ridiculous, ADD society, it appears that we've all collectively shifted our attention from the horrible tragedy of Connecticut to the ridiculously trifling idea that Instagram is going to sell our crappy photos without our permission (which isn't even true). Good job, America. Maybe someday you'll actually have the courage to follow through on your disaster day promises of reticence, reform, and remembrance and actually give hope to people that things in the future will be better. Wait, look over there, a puppy!

Maybe I'm just bitter because of the December malaise. It hits me every year. I know it's coming, but I'm powerless to stop it. The only solution is skiing - preferably powder skiing. But since Sugarloaf was just outside of day trip range for me (4 hours I can do. 6.5 hours is rough), I'm just going to have to keep waiting.

Until then, Enjoy this Instagram dump of pics from the last couple of weeks:

Mountain Bike Ride a few weeks ago on the Middle-Murphy-Bennett Trail (not really bike friendly, nice hike, but not recommended for riding):

Nice night out in Albany a couple of weeks ago:

Driving down to North Carolina to help my parents' move into their new house:

Beach in NC:

Golf in NC:

Downtown Wilmington, NC:

Happy Holidays.