Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Favorite Ski Movie

While I enjoy a lot of the ski movies that come out these days (including MSP movies, Meatheads, TGR, etc.), and a lot of the ski movies in the late 90's (Sick Sense by MSP was epic, I wish I could find it on DVD), my favorite ski movie remains P-Tex, Lies and Duct Tape, by Greg Stump.  It's the rare ski movie that tells a story.  Sure, there's great skiing and riding, but the difference is that they actually take the time to develop the characters (and a lot of the guys really are characters).  You learn what drives them, why they made the life decisions they did, and how they are now reaping the benefits of those decisions (shots of factory work and paper pushing in between the ski scenes work really well to sledgehammer that point home).  Every time I watch it, it makes me question what I'm doing every day in a cubicle talking about fantasy football and mindless television shows.  In fact, even as I sit here typing, someone out west is out getting after it.  I can't find an embeddable video, but here's a link to the intro.  Watch this and try not to be psyched about skiing:

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