Friday, July 8, 2011

Last Chair: 7/8/11

Well, I missed another week.  Pshhh, whatever.  My twitter feed appears on the right, and this is the part of the week when I review my favorite links (most of which I just put up because I've been so busy).  Here we go:

I liked the idea of listing the Greatest 5 Moments in your life (inspired by this post).  These two bike photo trip reports (one road, one mountain) inspire me to go create some moments for my list.

This post is so awesome, it mad me mad.  Hot chicks, skiing, live music, and partying.  God, I miss skiing . . .

There are new teasers out from Matchstick, Level 1, and TGR.  The downloads are pretty slow, though . . . I must not be the only one missing skiing.

The video for this week, however, is the documentation of an epic trip. This is the kind of life changing experience that could make a top 5 list.

Bikerafting Alaska's Lost Coast: Yakutat to Glacier Bay. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.


  1. That is a much cooler edit of the Alaska Fat Bike trip than the one I found. What an expedition! The Pugsley and its cousins are opening up a whole new world of bicycle possibility. I must have one. Being old enough to remember the days when mountain bikes first came on the scene, I remember what a revelation that was. The fat bike will change the bike scene in the same way, although it is probably not everyone's cup of tea.

  2. That video from Alaska was awesome. Thanks for posting.

  3. We're out at a restaurant with our five year old waiting a longtime for our food and this video saved the day. Awesome.

  4. Kind of gives a new meaning to the words "Alaskan Cruise"!