Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So there's this guy in my neighborhood who is out walking his teeny tiny little white dog every morning at around 6:45 when I'm driving to work. Every once in a while he looks up and the deep, deep sadness in his eyes is heartbreaking. This is a guy who envisioned a completely different life for himself. And now he's picking up some tiny little dog's crap before the sun rises every morning.

I realize that life is not a never ending stream of Tanner Hall's twitter feed (sample tweet: "BIG UP YOURSELVES QUEBEC! NEW 'IRIE INDIANS' SHOW ON INSPIRED TV! INSPIIIRED!"), but I'm finding it hard to get motivated lately. Maybe it's my work schedule, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the lack of snow, but I'm just finding it hard to get pumped about skiing.

I like the idea of going somewhere new, like Steve at The Snow Way. I like the idea of travelling far and wide to find powder pockets like skimore on the Harvey Road Forums. I like the idea of just going out regardless of snow conditions like The Adventure Skier, or the guys at But I really can't get excited about things the way they are.

I've held off on the hand wringing, fear mongering, and doomsday scenarios that other people have thrown out there. But I've been making lemonade for a long time. Hell, I've made lemonade, lemon ice, lemon sorbet, lemon chicken and lemon meringue pie. I'm just getting sick of the #$#@ing lemons. I probably have about 45 days in so far this year and 2 have been genuine powder days. And those are the days I mentioned on this blog.

Maybe I'm just upset because this is maximum teaching climax season for me. I've been teaching 4 days a week for 4 weeks straight now (on top of my regular M-F job), and I reach a point of overload right around President's week every year.  I wrote a post last year around this time when I was feeling a little burnout, and I feel the same way now.

But here's where me and that poor guy with white dog differ. I'm not going to sit around and just take what was given to me. I'm not going to take some little dog's shit.  I'm going to make a freaking effort to save this season. It starts this weekend (according to Lionel Hutz), and continues next week.  Then, an awesome month of Spring Skiing.  And Finally, from March 22nd to April 2nd, Alaska.  Not to mention any leftover stuff when I get back (I'm definitely going to try to do a Tuckerman trip this year and some ADK slides). This isn't the end of the year, my friends, this is the beginning,  Let's do this.



  1. This winter has been November forever, dull and wonder no one is excited. Winter should be winter so we can appreciate SPRING!! Or a trip to Alaska!! Here is to better days and dreams!! And man that guy walking that little white dog is pretty is to not being him!!

  2. I'll be watching you. And the forecast. Where'd you see the nine inches? ;)

  3. Hutz says 8-16 in the ADKs, VT, and the Whites now . . . We'll see what happens