Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mountain Biking - Ithaca, Shindagin Hollow State Forest

We took a trip out to Ithaca for a little mountain biking. Leaving Friday afternoon, our plan was to camp out Friday night. I read somewhere that there were a few free campsites along Bald Hill School Road. It wasn't too hard to find a spot to pitch our tent:

When we woke up in the morning, we were right on the trail system. Here's the map:

We were a little to the west of the green P in the top left area of that map.  So we started out on the yellow loop. Here's some pics:

It wasn't very technical overall, but there were some fun log features;

We did just about all of the Yellow trails in 45 minutes or so, so we moved on to the red trails:

We did a nice downhill on Y2 and came out onto the road:

Then went over to the blue trails. We especially liked B6, the "Creek Trail"

The creek itself was a little dry:

Still, though, the Blue trails were definitely the best trails there.  After doing a big counterclockwise loop (in retrospect, we should have done it clockwise), we rode through a nice little pine grove right before busting back into the parking area. Very cool:

We rode for about 4 and a half hours, then went into town for some awesome Mexican food.  Good times.


  1. Nice TR. Makes me think I need to start riding MTB. Been thinking about buying a cross bike but MTB would certainly expand the range of what I can do more than a cross bike would (though both would be a blast). I seem to have a complete lack of focus in wanting to do everything. Thankfully, I am limited by funds so I remain focused. *sigh*

  2. Does look good. Steve I agree go for MTB - definitely expands your range more.

  3. Nice pictures, nice day, great post...always love reading them!

  4. Mountain biking is the closest thing you can get to tree skiing in the summer . . . 'Nuff said.