Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring Mountain Biking

Well, once again, my blog is floundering because I always seem to be busy with other stuff. Luckily, most of it is fun. Here's some phone pics from recent adventures:

In Rochester for work in May, I rode the Erie Canal Trail to Brockport. It was pretty nice:

I've taken a few mountain biking trips to some local spots, too. Here's Luther Forest:

Colonie Town Park:

Pine Hill Park in Rutland:

Pittstown State Forest:

Blue Mountain in Peekskill:

And the Pack Demonstration Forest in Warrensburg, NY:

Theoretically, I should do reports on all of these places (especially the places I haven't done reports for yet), but the more I think about doing that, the less I want to. I'll save the in depth trip reports for actual adventures, not 3 hour jaunts in the woods.

Other than that, not much going on. I'm looking forward to a fun summer of riding, boating, and general merriment. Time to start research some "real" adventures.


  1. Geez, you've hit a lot of mtn bike areas. Tops on my list to check out are Wilmington, Pittstown and Pine Hill. Was Pack Forest good riding?

  2. Mostly fire road type stuff. Easy, but a nice view of Hickory from the top of one of the hills. Cool little nature trail that was singletrack-y with a bunch of fun bridges (not positive that it was open to bikes, but there was no sign warning against it).

    You definitely have to get to Pine Hill - I'm okay with the technical stuff, but Pine Hill is my favorite kind of riding: Pure Fun.

  3. As always love to read your blog, and also as always the pictures are exceptional!