Friday, November 8, 2013

Silverton Video

It may be 8 months after the fact, but I made a video for my Silverton day last year. Usual GoPro caveats apply - the slope was actually a lot steeper than it looks, sorry about the solo GoPro-ing with no other angles, blah blah blah. Sometimes you don't want to get too creative, you just want to ski. And we definitely did that:

Silverton from Matt Charles on Vimeo.

Working on a Big Tupper Video now, and it looks pretty cool, too.


  1. Steeper than it looks! Looks like great snow and terrain. Did someone else shoot too? Thought I saw you in a couple shots.

  2. My brother Mike had it the whole time. (I was on still photo duty)

  3. Just came back from Disney. They did not have a better ride!