Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mad River Glen (Day 2)

Killer day at the mountain today. I was skiing really well, feeling great, and then, right before lunch, I hip checked on a steep section and pain shot all the way up my leg. Not good. I skied the rest of the afternoon, but now that I'm just sitting here typing, I can feel my hip stiffening up. The PSIA Level 3 exam is on Saturday, and it pains me to walk down stairs. Ugh.

Anyway, though, I had a great time today, and I had my camera with me all morning, so here are some shots from my first great spring skiing day of the year.

I like the last picture the best.  Blue sky, soft bumps, and the single chair.  Classic MRG.  I didn't really improve my skiing too much over the past two days (probably too late to make adjustments at this point anyway), but I definitely improved my eye - diagnosing the problems with people's turns, and providing the right ways to fix the problems.  I'm probably going to bag the BC trip tomorrow to give my hip a rest, and I might go over to Sugarbush to explore some of the terrain we'll be skiing for the exam.  Ice and beer tonight, Sun and snow tomorrow.


  1. The pictures are great! I love the one going down the mountain into the trees with the horizon in the background, it looks like there is no way out once you go in...because you are at the top of the world...and it's a long way down!
    I hope you feel better by tomorrow, that really sucks!

  2. RICE and CYM

    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
    Call Your Mother

  3. Great photos! I also like the one with the partially frosted trees... and the one from the top of the bumps. Good stuff. Hope the hip is feeling better.

  4. Here we go... another tough-guy skier using "hip pain" as an excuse. Man up and do ten laps on Castlerock.

  5. Love it, James. I hit it hard today at Sugarbush. I'm going to go even harder tomorrow. I'm skiing really well (I just hope the PSIA examiners feel the same way)