Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sugarbush PSIA Exam (Day 1)

I had a pretty good day of skiing and teaching today.  I'm going to head out to dinner now, but I'll update this post when I get back.  For now, here's a picture that I took at the end of the day to tide you over.


So, today was was I would consider a good exam day. We had some good skiers, we bounced some teaching stuff off of each other, and most importantly, we had a good time.  I'm going to go into some of the exam stuff, and this might get a little wonky, so feel free to scan past this stuff.

We did a couple of short little teaching segments in the morning, and I had a little thing I wanted to try with synchronized skiing and a little twist on synchro skiing (rear person skis synchro turns, but moves alongside the front person, then drops back, then goes to the other side).  It worked okay, but it was a little tough with the amount of people on the trail, and the fact that I flew off the side of the trail during my demo.  So, rough on class handling, okay on the basic idea.

Then we did a lot of skiing, I thought I was skiing pretty damn good (if I do say so myself), especially in the hard, icy bumps (conditions du jour, as the tele guys call it).  I felt a little less confident in the hardpack (icy) groomers, but, I still felt like my turns were pretty solid.  My second teaching segment ("bring your own"), I focused on the movements necessary to move the downhill leg into the next turn (movements in the foot, ankle, and femur).  I think it went pretty well, bur my only regret was not giving everybody a chance to ski it out at the end (it's always important to give people a chance to play with a new movement in regular turns).  I also tried to give some individual feedback, but I don't know if I did enough.

I feel pretty good about how everything went today, and I have a killer lesson plan for tomorrow (if given the chance), so I'm feeling pretty confident.  I just have to keep skiing athletically, keep teaching descriptively, and keep discussing organically (if that makes any sense).     

My hip is feeling a lot better today (after taking some Advil), so I'm going to keep pounding pills and pushing hard.  Right now, though, I'm going to rest up for another big day tomorrow.  Peace.

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