Monday, May 7, 2012

SMBA Shenanigans

I haven't been posting much, but I've been riding SMBA twice a week or so. I guess I don't post trip reports every time for the same reason that I don't post trip reports from Gore every time I go - it might get a little boring. On the other hand, I always enjoy reading the Gore Reports from the NY Ski Blog or the Saratoga Skier. So maybe I should post more TRs. Maybe if there was something called the NY MTB Blog with a bunch of different contributors, I would post on there.

For now, though, I'll just stick to riding around and making videos every once in a while. Here's a video from yesterday on the "Here to There" trail:


  1. I just joined SMBA last week. Haven't ridden there yet but I'll probably get there in the next couple weeks.

    For anyone interested in checking out SMBA, Saturday June 9 is their Mix Up the Dirt festival, when the trails are open to the public - ordinarily the trails are members-only.

    Nice vid, who's covering Sir Paul in the soundtrack?

  2. Meant to include the link for SMBA's Mix Up the Dirt. Here it is:

  3. That would be Guns N' Roses with the cover.

    I want to check out the MUD festival this year, but it's always the same day as the Black Fly Challenge (which seems like poor planning - there's not that many mountain biking events in the area, they should try to separate the few that we actually have).

    If you want to ride, Jeff, I meet some guys there every Thursday night at 5:30.

  4. GNR, no wonder I didn't recognize it! :)

    You're absolutely right about those schedule conflicts.

    My friend Kevin Ballou has an article in the current issue of Adk Sports & Fitness (the free print copy is widely distributed and is available as of last week) highlighting mountain biking events for the next several months. Here's the link:

    Kevin is also the guy who basically single-handedly created the 10 miles of single track that I ride out my back door.

    I'll pm you to meet up for SMBA sometime. This Thurs looks pretty wet.