Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trip Report - Green Mountain Trails, Pittsfield, Vermont

We rode the Green Mountain Trails a couple of weeks ago (May 13th?). I haven't put up a trip report because I've been busy biking the local places (SMBA, Spier Falls, and Luther Forest - I'll report on these soon) and generally just relaxing. We had a guy who was familiar with the trails showing us around, and it's a good thing, too, because I probably would've given up halfway through the opening climb. Here's the map of the place:
We started up "Noodles Revenge" which was a relentless uphill, but it was nice singletrack, so it wasn't as soul crushing as a fire road climb.  Then we took "Lovin' it" to the Green Trail to the top, continuing with the theme of switchbacky, seemingly endless climbs.  Once we reached the top, though, the views were pretty sweet:

We lost ourselves on the top for a little bit on "Warman" and "Zebedee" before we headed towards "Fuster's" for our descent.  The top of Fuster's was just a fast ATV trail that we probably should have skipped (should've taken the cool banked turns of Lovin' It until Fuster's branches off to the north about halfway down - there is a connector). Still, though, the single track was pretty good (despite my non plussed expression in this photo):

After Fuster's, we took a quick uphill on "Escalator" towards Noodle's Revenge so we could head down. Noodle's Revenge, while grueling uphill, was really, really fun on the down.  It wasn't all coasting (there were a couple of times I had to pedal), and it wasn't all buffed smooth (there were some technical sections, tight turns, and stream crossings), but it was fast, flowy, and fun. Then, when we made it back to the parking lot, the best part of the day:

My new favorite beer.  We went into town and got a few more beers, along with some sandwiches, and ate them in a random Gazebo:

All in all, it was a solid day and it was good to explore a new place. I don't know if I'd recommend this place (unless you LOVE climbing), but it's definitely a good trail network to build strength, ride hard, and work out.  There's a road that goes nearly to the top, so there is a possibility for shuttle runs if you're into that sort of thing. I am glad that this network is here and pretty close because I love having options and once a year, it'll be a nice change from my usual flat xc riding.

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