Sunday, June 10, 2012

Basement Renovation - Bike Room/Ski Room

The weather has been pretty crappy lately (excluding today), so I committed myself to a small project last weekend. My basement was a bit of a mess:

After a thorough cleanup, I tried to figure out what I really wanted down there. I've got lots of skis and bikes, and they end up scattered around the house. They needed a home. Also, my tools were haphazardly tossed somewhere in the vicinity of where I last used them. They needed a home too.  The solution was a ski/bike room similar to the basement workshops in this thread. I needed a man space.

I rented a power sprayer to paint the ceiling black (did you know there's free tool rental from Lowe's if you spend more than $50?). Then I painted the walls, put up new electrical fixtures, built a little pegboard, hung up some storage hooks, and laid down some of those interlocking rubber tiles over the old crappy flooring.  The finished room came out pretty nice:

I still have to take the tools from the workbench and toolbox and put them up on the pegboard. And I'd love to get a bike stand to do repairs a little more easily. But they're freaking expensive. And I don't know if I really need one. I mean, I built my single speed myself in my living room. Oh, I didn't tell you about my new bike?

That'll have to wait for another post. And as for house projects, I'm probably done for a while.  Unless I get another stretch of rainy weather, then I'll tackle the adjoining room in the basement:

I'm thinking of a big screen TV, some comfy seating, and a kegerator. Hmmm . . . sounds expensive. Maybe I should work on saving the money to buy that bike stand first.  


  1. That's awesome. Way to get organized and create a cool man-cave at the same time! You can make a cheap ghetto bike stand using a horizontal bar (say, a 2 x2, or stout tree limb) bolted/screwed to an upright (or outside wall corner). Then just hang the bike seat or top tube on the bar, secure with bungee if needed. Careful where you put it or you will injure yourself walking into it!

  2. Yea I agree. Nothing more satisfying that an organized mancave/adventure staging area.

  3. more ways than one!! Ambition is a wonderful thing!

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