Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goals for 2010

Here's a list of my ski goals for 2010:
  • Ski more backcountry
  • Ski more days in April and May
  • Ski more
  • Buy new Tele Skis (for BC use).  I'm not sure what I want yet, but something cheap, light, and wide enough for powder and cruddy BC conditions.  I'll mount them with the Targas from my Dynastars to save money.
  • Save $2,000 for future Haute Route Ski Trip.  If done right, this could be the trip of a lifetime, and I want to get it done soon (so I can move on to the next adventure).
  • Road bike over 1,500 miles (not really a ski goal, but it will get me in shape for skiing next year), and maybe buy a used mountain bike.
  • Make sure this year's skiing video is better than all previous years combined.


  1. Matt ... for a BC ski, check out the Atomic RT86.

    Definitely pretty light. I think 86mm is a pretty good compromise.

    I haven't tried mine yet at our favorite mtn cause coverage is so thin and not really soft.

  2. Yeah . . . A lot of people like those boards. Possibly too many. The best price I can find is $500. I was thinking about going with this: