Thursday, January 7, 2010


Does anyone find that life is a series of waits?  Everyone seems to be waiting for something: waiting for the weekend, waiting for snow, wating for vacation, waiting for someone to get home so I can start making dinner . . .  Waits can be short term (tomorrow's Friday!) or long term (I wish I had enough equity in my house so that I could sell this sucker and move out west).  But we don't really realize that, while we're sitting around staring at our watches, all sorts of stuff is going on around us.  Life is happening, and it's happening to other people.  Here's something from Skiing in the Shower, one of the blogs I read (listed at the right):

A lot of us thin[k] that once the house is clean, we can sit down and write that story we've always meant to, or once the lawn is mowed, we can spend some time playing with the kids, or once the laundry is done, we can finally read that book that's been gathering dust on the side table.

And that once we make our money, and we have enough in savings, we can do the thing we were meant to do. I don't think that life is meant to be like that. I think that life is passing us by at warp speed. And I think that how you reach for the things you wish for in life, every day, is what living life is about.

The author of that blog (Kate Howe) is basically living the dream.  She recently moved to Aspen, works as a ski instructor/massage therapist, and writes articles for several ski publications.  And since she's a skier, she's able to work in sweet skiing analogies:

I think about this when I think of skiing as well... we search for the perfect turn, and sometimes, we hang on to our old turn because we love the safety and security of it so much... we are so sure that the next one will be the good one if we can just hang on to this one long enough and get ready, be totally and completely prepared for that next turn, and by the time we've triple checked everything, we've missed our opportunity, the next turn has come and gone, there's a tree in the way and its time to make a drastic, quick move to avoid catastrophe.

What if, in life, as in skiing, we let each "should have" go as the turn passes us, what if we kept moving into the future, reaching for what was working, and letting the ski glide under our bodies, letting the snow spray, letting the sun hit our faces [. . . ] in the most inopportune moments, because we don't care about the time and place being right, we care more about living[?]
Exactly.  Life shouldn't be about waiting, it should be about . . . ummmm . . . Living.  Maybe it's time to let go of that old turn, turn the page in your life and move on to something else.  What are you waiting for?


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