Monday, January 4, 2010


Sorry for the devastatingly long time between posts.  It seems like I was running around like a maniac over the holidays.  There were so many parties to go to, people to talk to, and places to be, I felt like I was simultaneously doing everything and nothing.  My brother was in from Arizona over Christmas, and we went down to New Jersey to see some family over the weekend of the 26th (so I didn't get to ski).  It doesn't seem like I missed much, though, and the party with my relatives was pretty entertaining.  Then this week, there was supposed to be a decent sized storm, but it ended up missing us to the east.  And the lake effect snow ended up missing us to the west.  Not cool . . .

At least I got some skiing in over the weekend.  Saturday was decent (I was mostly in the woods).  Sunday was weak (mountain was closed due to high winds).  Today was the best day.  We mostly skied the trees again, as the trails were icy death.  We were on the map and off the map, and here are a couple of shots from the former:

Pinebrook Glades

The Cave

I'm sure I'll have more to say later this week, but right now, I have to go do more "really important" stuff.  Peace.

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