Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Chair: 5/26/11

This is the post that wraps up the blog posts, articles, and trip reports that I've been checking out over the past week. When I see cool stuff, I post it on my twitter, and the feed appears on the right side of this page.

Well, it was a slow week for skiing and mountain biking stuff.  It was so slow, if fact, that I started reading some running stuff (and I despise running).  The Saratoga Skier and Hiker had a great post that almost got me out on the trails - but only because I love great quotes, and his post was filled with them.  Incidentally, if I did get into running, it would be more trail running and less marathons.

A couple of nice mountain bike reports from a place I'm dying to visit: Moab, UT.  Here's one from MTB Racer Jeff Kerkove.  And here's one from a hot chick on TGR (the Mags must be getting more mature . . . not even a single comment about T or A).

And if I ever decide to write a book about the outdoors, or activities, or life (and I actually have some ideas), Jill seems to have a pretty good way to get it published.

Finally, here's some GoPro footage of a freakin' Lion!

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  1. Those western riders don't know what they are missing. What, no bottomless mudholes, wet roots, mosquitoes or black flies? Riding open trails with stupefying views instead of the endless tunnel of foliage? How dull. Oh, they have rattlesnakes. Bah.