Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Chair: 4/1/11

I think "Last Chair" used to be the name of the final article in Skiing Magazine, but since they're no longer using it, it's mine now.  This is the time when I recap the best stories of the week that I put on my Twitter (which you can follow on the right).  Here you go:

Slightly Geology Geek of me, but I thought this article on a Paleontology Dig near Aspen was great (especially when they mention that mammoth tusks could've been the first rockered skis).

How to do Pond Skim Day in 25 easy steps (hilarious "recounting" of a wild day).

Really nice Photography in these 2 TGR Trip Reports (here and here).

And finally, Kent's Bike Blog has a really, really good post on #30DaysofBiking.  I'll let him explain what it is, but I did want to put up my first ever tweeted picture in honor of the philosophy he explains.

I'll be up at Gore on Saturday, and I might be doing an adventure on Sunday . . . I'll post something up when I get home.  Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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