Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Chair: 4/8/11

Okay.  It's that time of week, when I review the most interesting stuff on the internet for the past week from my twitter feed (which you can follow on the right).  Skiing is winding down, but still plenty of cool stuff to check out.

Bolton Valley is offering $25 Lift tickets if you have a baseball logo on your clothes . . . Time to dig out that Kevin McRenyolds Jersey.

My favorite trip reports of the week are here, here and here.

Hopefully some progress on a Saranac Lake to Lake Placid Bike Trail (alongside the railroad tracks).  And Whiteface has season passes for mountain biking on sale for $199 (April only).

And finally, here's a video that's sweeping the internet.  Crazy bastards in wingsuits buzzing some Norwegian Bros:


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  1. I wonder if I still have an old Montreal Expos baseball cap?

    April is a great time to ski and there are deals everywhere to be found. From actual deals to people trying to unload vouchers in the parking lot.

    For those aren't stuck at work like me, get outside and ski or whatever your thing is.