Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Chair: 4/15/11

Been a busy week for me (so no blog posts), but I'll still run with my weekly wrap up of all the blog posts and forum threads that I found interesting over the course of the week. If you follow me on twitter (@mattchuck2), you can get all of this tasty goodness even sooner. Here's what I found this week:

I loved the eastern trip reports from last weekend. Steve's reports on Gore and Whiteface, and Gord's report on Jay Peak. I also like this report of a BC trip that didn't go as planned.

I was bummed that I missed this retro ski fest in Tremblant, but I don't think I could've fielded a team that could've beaten Vincent Dorion, Phil Poirier and J.P. Auclair anyway.

Here's a nice little Kayaking TR from the nature preserve right down the street from my house.

And finally, I really dug this little 12 minute movie about trying to live an outdoor life while also holding down a soul crushing job (which is basically the theme of my whole blog).

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  1. Thanks for the blog shout-out and more so for posting that beautiful little film. I think that guy's main problem was that he chose Back in Black for a ring tone. Like John Prine sings: "blow up yer TV, throw away the paper..."